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Currently using the ride booking app is very ordinary. Previously, we would like to explain that r ideas booking app is an application that mediates for passenger vehicles and to facilitate the two sides in the pick-up process, route, estimated time, and payments. You can take advantage of this new style of public transportation to travel more comfortably and at low prices too. (Also Read: Getting to Know the Vehicle Booking Application in Indonesia)

Payment methods offered can also be done in cash or credit cards. Since credit card payments can be vulnerable to fraudulent cases , this time we will share 4 tips on securely using a credit card when using online transportation. See the following points:

See a map of the trip you’re doing


 See a map of the trip you're doing


If you rarely go to the destination, then you can see the recommendation n trip that appears as a map on your application screen. This is to avoid being invited to spin by bad drivers, and swell your bills. Victims of this mode are generally those who rarely go to the destination, those who are half-drunk, passengers who book at midnight, or parents who are usually booked online and don’t know the direction at all. If you don’t have a taxi on your own, and your guests don’t know how to get to their destination, give a benchmark from home so that your family / friends don’t become victims. (Also read: Naughty Uber Driver Brings Passengers Around the City to IDR 1.9 Million)

Make sure the trip / trip is finished when down from the vehicle


Make sure the trip / trip is finished when down from the vehicle

Since you are paying with a credit card, you really need to make sure that the trip you are doing has been stopped n by the driver. A good driver will usually inform you that the trip is complete, and he will stop the trip before you. If you are not careful, the trip will probably continue and your bills will be more than you should. Too bad, right? (Read: Uber Protest User, Kasablanka – Setiabudi Billed Rp. 595,000)


Check Proof of Online Payment Again


 Check Proof of Online Payment Again


The next way to safely use an online taxi, you can check the proof of payment. To ensure that your trip has been completed, usually the ride booking app will also send proof of payment via email and notifications in the application on your smartphone. Usually proof of payment will be sent in less than 10 minutes, even notifications on smartphones generally appear immediately to indicate that your trip has been stopped and then you will be asked to provide a review of the driver. If until the specified time you still have not received the notification, it is better to report to the relevant customer service so that it can be immediately followed up.

Don’t Share Your Account with Others


Don't Share Your Account with Others

Always use a transportation account for personal use only, and never share it with others including friends and family. This is to avoid losses that are certainly not desirable, especially if you have set up an account with the credit card payment method. Of course you don’t want the credit card to be used carelessly without your own control, right? If indeed your friends / family want to borrow the account because they don’t have an account, then you can get around by ordering only vehicles.



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