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More than ever, 4x4s have the coast! While the car sales market continues to decline, that of all-terrain vehicles shows an increase of more than 25% over ten months in France. Despite its detractors, this vehicle is always dreaming. And if that was your case?

Gone are the days when the 4×4 was exclusively intended for the offroad and used by hunters and other mountaineers. Today, this vehicle has become the “darling” of city dwellers and contrary to popular belief, its ladies also. However, those that manufacturers now call “SUV” (Sport Utility Vehicle) or “SAV” (Sport Activity Vehicle) are available in more stylish designs, refined and adapt to a more urban driving. If the mere mention of the name of this vehicle makes your eyes shine, it may be high time to think about giving it to you!

And why not a 4×2?

And why not a 4x2?

Contrary to stereotypes, no 4×4 is not necessarily huge cars that swallow liters and liters of diesel by rejecting large plumes of black smoke! Faced with the ever-growing number of followers, manufacturers have not skimped on the means to change their infants by reducing their size, their consumption and even the number of their driving wheels. Did you know that at present, the 4×4 can be a very good alternative to station wagons or minivans and this even if you live in town? Family-oriented, two-thirds of compact SUVs actually only have two-wheel drive. Certainly this type of model will not allow you to go to the beaten track but it will allow you to acquire the object of your desire at a purchase price, much more affordable. For you the adventurous style, the elevated driving position, the modularity and the comfortable driving!

Traps to avoid

Traps to avoid

Always keep in mind that maintaining a 4×4 is more expensive than a conventional car. A parameter not to be overlooked when defining your borrowing capacity and your ideal monthly payment. Also, in order not to blaze your initial budget, it is better to take the time to make some small checks. One of the best ways to avoid obstacles when buying a 4×4.

Used 4×4

Used 4x4

If you opt for the acquisition of a second-hand vehicle, do not forget to check the condition of the body and the livable, to check the engine and the air filter, to test the gearbox, the rear box, transfer box, heating, air conditioning, headlights, windows, etc. Even though these checks seem obvious, it is very important to do them carefully. Once the sale is made, it will be too late to go back.

Funding assistance

Funding assistance

Cashimogu accompanies you in your project with a car loan with multiple benefits. Thanks to the online simulator, you can modulate your project according to the amount, the monthly payment or the duration that suits your financial situation and your ability to repay. By applying online for credit, you will get a first answer in principle.

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